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Our philosophy

Phoenix mitology: Phoenix is a mythic sacred fire-bird, which was a creature of the Egyptian mythology originally, but it can be found as a symbol in several religions.
Phoenix is a gorgeous male bird with red-golden feathering. At the end of his life he build a nest from cinnamon sprigs, then light it and burn to ashes together with them. From the ashes a new, young phoenix comes to be born again who embalms the mortal remains of the old phoenix into an egg made of myrrh and buries it in Heliopolis, "the town of sun".

Phoenix can be found in the early Christian culture as a symbol of everlasting life and Resurrection. In Christianity phoenix is the symbol of the periodical presence and rebirth, everlasting life and Resurrection, just like Christ. It is one of his symbols. It is often seen sitting on a palm tree behind several martyrs, indicating their rebirths. Phoenix is the sign of the beatific soul reached the Garden of Eden while on tombs it stands for incorruptibility and deathlessness.

Our philosophy

We chose phoenix as our symbol deliberately. Phoenix means peace, happiness, it is the symbol of healing, regeneration; phoenix is annihilated in its previous appearance but it revives in parallel and a new life starts.
During the medical-preventative activities here at our sanatorium we would also like to aspire a kind of change in the life of our patients.
We believe that medical treatment of cardio-vascular diseases points beyond the palliative therapy and we have the aspiration for changing the life of our patients fundamentally.
We help our patient "revive" and during the time they spend here they can acquire such lifestyle and way of living practices that with the help of them they can lead a healthier and more complete way of life.

Complete change – we try to help in this matter: we treat and heal not only the symptoms but assist maintaining the process of recovery and retaining it in the long run.

Our mission is prevention of disease, early recognition of disease and the recovery of psychosomatic health. As we are in possession of our professional competence and we have the determination to do something, we help our patients recover from their diseases. During the early period of diseases we prevent the development of diseases and help our patients maintain their psychosomatic health for a long time.

We should like you to recover in a pleasant atmosphere and make yourself at home during that long weekend, or one or two weeks you would like to spend here while the most qualified medical experts care for your psychosomatic health rehabilitation.

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